Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release in Sports and Athletic Injuries
Myofascial release is a prevalent treatment for athletes, focusing on  diagnosing and treating soft-tissue injuries. This hands-on approach integrates patient movement with precise tension applied by the practitioner to break down pain-generating soft tissue adhesions, commonly known as scar tissue.

These adhesions often lead to abnormal movement patterns and pain. The treatment aims to restore free motion of soft tissues, re-establish their optimal texture, resistance, and function, and release entrapped nerves, blood vessels, and lymphatics.

Unique Aspects of Myofascial Release Treatment
Myofascial release stands out for its ability to release connective tissue adhesions, restore circulation, and improve range of motion, strength, and function, making it particularly valuable for workplace and athletic injuries. Each treatment session involves an examination of the affected and surrounding structures, followed by a targeted treatment combining patient movements with precise compression and tension applied to the soft tissue by the provider. This approach evaluates and treats the quality of the texture and movement of the injured and surrounding soft tissues.