Let’s Move Workshop

What is “movement”? Think telephones for a second. Yup..phones..Stay with me.

Mobile phones can be used for many different tasks at any given time as opposed to a land line that is locked in one place and only good at one thing. A mobile body, one that moves and is versatile, isn’t much different. Upgrading your body to a mobile version that can move as you need it when you need it will …automatically give you the upper hand. Whether you’re currently athletic or consider climbing stairs a workout we can all benefit from having our bodies move better.

It’s as simple … and as complex as that. Our bodies just don’t move the way they used to …because we stopped moving them!

This seminar will help you learn how to incorporate coordination drills along with complex and compound movements into your training to bring big changes and reduce injuries. Jan 27th….Pre-register at info@fulltiltfitness.ca

Presented with LiveMax Health Group

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