COVID 19 Screening Questions

Attention Visitors COVID 19 Screening Questions:  Have you had close contact with anyone with an acute respiratory Illness or travelled outside of Ontario in the past 14 days? Do you have a confirmed case of COVID 19 or had close…

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Let’s Move Workshop

What is “movement”? Think telephones for a second. Yup..phones..Stay with me. Mobile phones can be used for many different tasks at any given time as opposed to a land line that is locked in one place and only good at…

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Get Your Body Moving in 2018

Between ice, shoveling and New Year’s resolutions…it’s the perfect time of year to think about how well you move…or don’t! CTV thought so too:) Big thanks goes out to Claude Badri Sharma for the great coverage of our last movement…

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LiveMax Nominated for Sudbury Star Reader’s choice Awards

We are very excited to be nominated as a part of the Sudbury Star Reader’s choice Awards. It has been a privilege to be serving the Greater City of Sudbury and surrounding areas for the past two and half years….

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Ankle & foot mobility

A continuation of our previous video on ankle movement and stretches. This video discuss the “short” foot, engaging the small muscles of the foot to properly activate the arches of the foot in order to set a solid foundation during…

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LiveMax Open House

Please drop in to our Full Tilt Fitness & LiveMax Health Group ‘Open House’ this Saturday — and, if you could bring ONE friend, we would really appreciate it — as we aim to introduce new people to our fantastic…

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